LHA is a homeschool resource that allows parents the freedom to choose what they want their child to learn. Simply select what units and lessons your child will complete and we do the rest!

LHA teachers make the difference! Personable interactions with teachers, and among students, allow for relationships, which lead to trust and understanding. From there, the learning comes much easier! LHA also offers the freedom to choose exactly what you want your students to learn. You are not locked into one grade level; you can freely move to a level/course that fits your needs best! LHA doesn’t have any required schedules or due dates, so this gives the flexibility to the parents. Need to take a month off? No worries. The lives lessons are recorded and will be waiting for you when you come back, along with the rest of the lessons. LHA also offers their Lonestar Store, which is very unique to their program. Students earn points (Bull Bucks) for participating and completing lessons. They can cash in these points for prizes in the Lonestar Store (see description below)

At this time, LHA has decided not to pursue accreditation due to the restrictions it would place on our families. However, the curriculum provided with LHA still covers the necessary topics, plus more!

The monthly fee for LHA is $147 per month. This cost is per family (up to 4 students) and gives each students access to the entire program (all classes and age levels).

Nope. The cost is per family (up to 4 students), not per student!

No contract and No commitment! LHA is a monthly membership; if you choose to move on to a different program, you can cancel any time.

At this time, LHA offers courses for all core subjects (Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies), independent life skills lessons, and special classes (Current Events, Book, Club, Character Building, Game Days, Zoom Movies, Around the World Cooking). As our program grows, we will be adding more core, life skills, and elective classes!

For completed lessons, they will be greyed out for the students and they will see their score, along with a message telling them how many Bull Bucks they earned for that lesson. For parents, LHA is creating a checklist to keep track of assigned lessons for their students.

LHA incorporates a variety of lessons in their curriculum to keep students engaged and to meet the different learning styles. We have live lessons once a week for each class (~45 minutes), printed worksheets, engaging videos, research projects, presentations, activities, hands-on projects, and more!

No mandatory lessons! Families have the freedom to complete whichever lessons they see fit for their students. Now, if you are looking for completion of courses for transcripts, students will have to complete at least 70% of the lessons in the course to get the credit.

Students have access to lessons any time! All live lessons are recorded and posted online, so students can access it any time after the lesson was finished. All independent lessons are always available for students. This allows for students to work at times that work best for them and truly at their own pace.

LHA chose to dedicate each day specifically to one subject for live lessons: Mondays are for Math lives, Tuesdays are for ELA lives, Wednesdays are for Science lives, Thursdays are for Social Studies lives, and Fridays are open for extra classes, tutoring, and fun specials classes.

LHA is available for all states! However, there are some states that we meet all requirements, some that we need some parents support, and others that LHA would best be for supplementary curriculum. Our map for these states can be found on our homepage.

Due to our flexibility and freedom offered to families, you can join us any time throughout the year! All lessons are available througout the year, so you are not restricted with time.

Yes. LHA will work with parents to complete transcripts for students if they choose to leave the program. If you are looking for completion of courses for transcripts, students will have to complete at least 70% of the lessons in the course to get the credit.

As we continue to grow, we will be hosting more field trips and gatherings in the areas where large amounts of our students are located. At this time, the in-person meetups are occassional.

We do not accept IEPs or 504s. However, LHA curriculum was designed with flexibility in mind so that students will have multiple opportunities to learn the content provided.

Of course! LHA has all the core subjects and several specials/electives available. We understand that learning is a life long endevour and many students need multiple ways of educating themselves. LHA can be used as the sole curriculum, supplemental curriculum, or even tutoring services!

Students “window shop” using Amazon through the Lonestar Store link on our website, then add items to the LHA cart. Once approved by LHA, the price of the items will be converted to Bull Bucks price and available for purchase with Bull Bucks that are earned by satisfactorily completing assignments and participating in live classes.

No. We are not affiliated with any state funded public school. However, depending on your state requirements, you may still need to end-of-year assessments outside of the program.

At this time, the specials classes include Current Events, Book Club, Character Building, Around the World Cooking, Game Day, Zoom Movies, and two independent courses to work on coding and typing. As LHA grows, we will be adding more and more special/elective classes. We are constantly searching for guest teachers and courses!

LHA welcomes any form of the Education Savings Accounts! The name and amount will vary state by state. As these laws continue to change and vary by state, please reach out to LHA so we can look into your state funding program.

At this time, LHA doesn’t offer any courses for college credit. However, we will be looking into adding some of these course for next school year!

Yes! LHA prides itself on the interaction and involvement levels of staff, students, and parents. We want LHA to have that community feel with our families and staff!