LEGO NINJAGO Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon Toy for Kids, 71774 Large 4 Headed Action Figure with Blade Wings Plus 9 Minifigures

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  • This dragon toy set features NINJAGO’s biggest ever dragon, featuring 4 heads, posable legs and tail, and wings that unfold into 3 gold blades
  • Features 9 NINJAGO minifigures, including an exclusive Golden Oni Lloyd and all Golden Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane, all with golden swords
  • The playset for kids Ages 9 plus years old also includes the Crystal King, a Vengestone Warrior and 2 Vengestone Brutes with bright weapons
  • Kids ride into battle with Lloyd on the back of his dragon to recreate the epic final showdown of the NINJAGO: Crystallized TV series
  • Using the free LEGO Building Instructions app, kids can zoom, rotate and view a digital version of the model on their smartphones and tablets
  • Check other sets from the NINJAGO: Crystallized TV series, including (71775) Nya’s Samurai X MECH playset
  • This set is an epic Christmas present or birthday gift or for 9 plus year old boys and girls and fans of the NINJAGO Crystallized TV series

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