Magic Mixies Magic Potion Kit. Children Can Follow Their Spell Book and Mix Ingredients to Create Over 70 Magic Potions. Make Potions That Fizz, Bubble and Magically Change Form!

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  • Kids can create over 70 different magic potions with the Magic Mixies Magic Potions Kit!
  • Every potion has a magical “WOW “reaction! Kids can create potions that fizz, bubble, turn solid, change color and even form layers right before their eyes!
  • Kids can follow the instructions in the included Spell Book and create amazing potions!
  • The Magic Mixies Magic Potion Kit includes 8 different ingredients, 2 Mixing Cauldrons and other toy accessories to help kids make their potions.
  • Kids can astound friends and family as they mix potions with amazing visual reactions!

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