Magic Mixies Mixlings Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack Contains 5 Exclusive Mixlings with A Unique Rainbow Magical Power Including 1 Mystery Mixling to Reveal from Its Cauldron

7,996 BullBucks

  • The Magical Rainbow Deluxe Pack contains 5 exclusive Mixlings each with a unique Rainbow magical power.
  • Use the included Wands and Accessories to reveal your Mixling’s magic!
  • Glowlings magically glow in the dark. Lucklings reveal the fortune your child may soon receive. Loxies reveal their amazing hair. Aqua Chanjas change color. Flutterfliers can reveal their angel wings!
  • Mix your potion in the Rainbow Cauldron to create a mystery Mixling.
  • Discover 40+ Mixlings across the Crystal Woods Series. Collect the whole world of Magic Mixies Mixlings!

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