Friday, October 6th

Grades 3rd-12th


COO – Lonestar Homeschool Academy

I taught in the public school system for 10 years. I majored in special education, with a specialty in behavioral studies and science. Throughout my career, I have taught all subjects in self-contained behavior classrooms, resource classrooms, and high school mathematics classrooms. Year after year, I kept questioning why the schools were forcing so many obscure topics on the students; I called them “filler topics”. Finally, I had enough of the curriculum and politics in the schools, and decided to leave the public school system for good! It has been such a relief and I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to share my knowledge with the families of Lonestar Homeschool Academy, and help them grow into the people they choose to be; not what the school system wants them to be.

Are you looking to have some fun playing online games with other homeschoolers?

Join us on our Zoom sessions to check out some games on GimKit as we review some math topics, enjoy some trivia, and test your knowledge on movies and logos! Our GimKit games include snowball fights, fishing competitions, capture the flag, AmongUs style game, and survival. You don’t need to sign up or anything; just join the Zoom for your designated age group, and our operations and curriculum manager will have the games ready to go!

All are welcome! you don’t have to be a student enrolled in Lonestar Homeschool Academy!

3rd-6th Grades

10-11:30 am central
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7th-12th Grades

12-1:30 pm central
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