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SubjectGrade LevelUnitLesson TitleLesson NumberLesson Description
ELA3rd-4thCursive Writing PracticeCursive Letter A0

Cursive writing practice for letter A/a.

Life Skills5th-6thOther SkillsLesson 0: Typing Course Sign Up (outside website)0

Want to practice your typing skills? Sign up for our LHA Bulls class on typing.com.

Life Skills7th-8thOther SkillsLesson 0: Typing Course Sign Up (outside website)0

Want to practice your typing skills? Sign up for our LHA Bulls class on typing.com.

Life Skills9th-10thOther SkillsLesson 0: Typing Course Sign Up (outside website)0

Want to practice your typing skills? Sign up for our LHA Bulls class on typing.com.

Life SkillsK-2ndOther SkillsLesson 0: Typing Course Sign Up (outside website)0

Want to practice your typing skills? Sign up for our LHA Bulls class on typing.com.

MathK-2ndUnit 1 Counting and writing to 120Lesson 1 - Counting using numbers, shapes and colors1

In this video from Super Geek Heroes, students learn how to count to 10 by reading numbers. They also learn about shapes and colors as they count.

ELAK-2ndUnit 1: Letters and SoundsK - Lesson 1: Letters Aa Bb and Cc1

This lesson teaches students to recognize letters of the alphabet. Students will learn and practice saying and writing the target letters “a”, “b”, and “c”.

ELAK-2ndUnit 4: Short VowelsK - Lesson 1: Short vowel Aa1

This lesson teaches students how to recognize the short vowel “a”. Students will learn different word combinations using the target vowel and practice writing short words.

ELAK-2ndUnit 5: DigraphsLesson 1: Digraph ch and sh1

In this lesson, students learn different combinations of double consonants and practice writing short words that begin or end with these blends.

Math9th-10thUnit 1 Pre Algebra ReviewLesson 1-(LIVE) Reference sheet review1

Taking a look at the core properties and laws we will focus on this year.

Math9th-10thUnit 2 Solving equations and inequalitiesLesson 1-(LIVE) Adding and Subtracting Integers1

In this Pre-Algebra Time to Climb activity, students will show their understanding of adding integers using Nearpod's interactive quiz game.

Science3rd-4thUnit 1: Scientific MethodLesson 1: Scientific Method Intro (LIVE)1

During this LIVE lesson, we are going to explore the steps of the scientific method, something that is used throughout your lives in many different areas! We will be creating a lapbook to keep the steps handy.

ELAK-2ndUnit 2: Parts of SpeechLesson 1: Using Nouns1

In this lesson, students identify common, proper, and possessive nouns and use them in their writing.

Science3rd-4thUnit 2: MatterLesson 1: Introduce Matter (LIVE)1

In this unit, we will learn what matter is and explore the different properties.

ELAK-2ndUnit 3: Sight WordsLesson 1: Identifying Sight Words1

In this lesson on sight words, students practice identifying, reading and writing the sight words always, around, because, been, and fast.

ELA3rd-4thUnit 1: Get Into Grammar!Lesson 1: What are the parts of speech (LIVE)1

In this lesson, students define, identify, and use nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Science5th-6thUnit 1: Patterns on EarthLesson 1: Intro to Earth, Sun, Moon (LIVE)1

This is any intro lesson to Earth, Sun, and Moon! We will learn about the relationship between the three, including a demonstration!
*If students want to participate with demonstration, they will need and orange, a kabob stick, and a lamp/flashlight*

Science5th-6thUnit 2: Inherited Traits and Learned BehaviorsLesson 1: Intro to Inherited and Learned Traits (LIVE)1

In this lesson, students will learn the differences between inherited traits and learned behavior.

Science7th-8thUnit 1: Motion and ForcesLesson 1: Speed, Velocity, Acceleration (LIVE)1

During this lesson, students will create notes to determine the differences between speed, velocity, and acceleration.

ELA5th-6thUnit 1: Grammar Galore - Eight Parts of SpeechLesson 1: Eight parts of speech (LIVE)1

In this lesson, students define the eight parts of speech: nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and articles. They also identify and correctly use each part of speech.

Science7th-8thUnit 2: Catastrophic EventsLesson 1: Catastrophic Events Notes (LIVE)1

During this lesson, students will learn about different catastrophic events (natural disasters) that effect the the world.

Science9th-10thUnit 1: Periodic TableLesson 1: Periodic Table Intro (LIVE)1

During this lesson, students will learn how the periodic table is organized.

Science9th-10thUnit 2: BondingLesson 1: Ionic Bonding (LIVE)1

During this lesson, students will learn about ionic bonding with cations and anions. If students need a more in depth understanding of atomic structure, please watch the three live replay videos available in the Unit 2 resources section.

Science10th-11thUnit 1: Earths LayersLesson 1: Identify Layers of Earth (LIVE)1

During this lesson, students will explore the different layers of the Earth.

Social Studies11th-12thUnit 1: History of PsychologyLesson 1: Intro to Psychology (LIVE)1

During this lesson, students are going to learn about the history of psychology and talk about gratitude.

SubjectGrade LevelUnitLesson TitleLesson NumberLesson Description

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SubjectGrade LevelUnit NameCreated By (User)
Special Times of YearSpecialsSummer ChallengesTravis McBride
ELAK-2ndUnit 11: Main IdeasDonald Beam
ELAK-2ndUnit 10: Listening ComprehensionDonald Beam
ELAK-2ndUnit 9: Reading ComprehensionDonald Beam
ELAK-2ndUnit 8: Reading FluencyDonald Beam
Special Times of YearSpecialsPresidents DayTravis McBride
Math10th-11thUnit 8 Volume and Surface AreaAshlee DeDuijtsche
Math3rd-4thUnit 10 Financial LiteracyAshlee DeDuijtsche
Games and MoviesSpecialsGames and MoviesTravis McBride
Special Times of YearSpecialsBlack History MonthTravis McBride
Around the World CookingSpecialsBrazilTravis McBride
Big QuestionsSpecialsMarch 2024Travis McBride
Book ClubSpecialsUnit 1 Esperanza RisingAshlee DeDuijtsche
Character BuildingSpecialsCharacter PillarsTravis McBride
ELA11th-12thExtraTravis McBride
ELA10th-11thExtraTravis McBride
ELA9th-10thExtraTravis McBride
ELA7th-8thExtraTravis McBride
ELA5th-6thExtraTravis McBride
ELA3rd-4thExtraTravis McBride
Math3rd-4thHoliday Math FunAshlee DeDuijtsche
Science10th-11thUnit: HolidaysDonald Beam
Social Studies10th-11thUnit: HolidaysDonald Beam
Social Studies9th-10thUnit: HolidaysDonald Beam
Social Studies7th-8thUnit: HolidaysDonald Beam
SubjectGrade LevelUnit NameCreated By (User)