Magic Mixies Color Surprise Magic Cauldron. Reveal a Mixie Plushie from The Fizzing Cauldron and Discover 6 Magical Color Change Surprises – Styles May Vary – Non-Electronic Medium (Pack of 1)

7,988 BullBucks

  • Create Color Surprise Magic in the Medium sized Magic Cauldron 
  • Add the Bubble ‘N’ Fizz Dust, name your Mixie Plushie with the naming scroll and then pour in water! Watch the Magic Cauldron fizz and bubble to reveal your Mixie inside!
  • There are 6 magical color change surprises to discover – Cauldron Gem, Mixie Gem, Mixie Mark, Mixie Tail, Magic Wand & Magic Elixir!
  • Who will you magically create? There are 6 Mixie Plushies to collect – which color of the rainbow will your Mixie Plushie be?
  • Discover a new Magic Mixie breed: Mixie Plushies!

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